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Why do you need a CDN?

Supercharge everything from websites, to software downloads.

Website Acceleration

Website Acceleration

Speed up your website, increase conversions, improve security and google SEO rankings. Maximize ad revenue and make your users happy.

Software Distribution

Software Distribution

We provide high-speed software delivery on a massive scale that allows you to save money and stop worrying about scaling problems.

Video Delivery

Video Delivery

With our lightning fast global network, you can bring video delivery to the next level, save thousands on bandwidth and say goodbye to buffering .

With our global network, we're always just a hop away from your users.

Shorter distance means your website load faster.

Without a CDN, your servers can easily get overloaded in an event sudden surge of traffic. When this happens your website might become slow or go offline completely.

We put your content closer to your users with 17 locations around the world, powered by premium network partners.

Our state of the art DNS routing technology always makes sure your users get the best possible network route.

All of our servers are powered by SSD technology to ensure millisecond latencies when serving your files.

Never Make Your Users Wait Again

Just one second can cost you thousands in conversions.

Website Acceleration

Lightning Fast Performance

By holding data closer to your users Cnetwork speeds up your website no matter where they are, lowering latency and packet loss for maximum possible performance. Your website will feel faster than ever.

Software Distribution

SEO & User Experience

Fast websites equal to good user experience and satisfaction. Just a second faster load time can drastically increase your conversion rates. Search engines know this as well and will prioritize faster websites, meaning you get better ranking and increased website traffic.

Video Delivery

Scalability & Reliability

No matter how much traffic your website needs to serve, Cnetwork will deliver it and our automatic healing will make sure your website stays online even if one of the servers goes down. No more worrying about your infrastructure.

Video Delivery

Increased Security

Cnetwork offers industry-leading security and encryption standards that are just a few clicks away. You gain access to free SSL, token authentication, network control, hotlinking protection and many other features that are easy to set up and provide an instant security boost.


$ 2 Per Month

CDN for Website 1 Pull Zone 500GB Bandwidth $5 Minimum Payment $0.055 / GB Bandwidth Overage $1 / Additional Zone CONTACT US NOW!


$ 20 Per Month

CDN for Website + Static Files Up to 30 Pull Zone 3TB Bandwidth $0.045 / GB Bandwidth Overage $1 / Additional Zone CONTACT US NOW!

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